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Have you heard about Keller Mortgage Yet?

Keller Williams has partnered with a mortgage company that has been around for 19 years. They offer what we call a "Zero Plus" loan.

What is the "Zero Plus" Loan?

Keller Mortgage does not charge an origination fee, underwriter fee, processor fee, transaction fees, rate lock fee, etc for transactions involving a Keller Williams Agent. AND for loans greater than $150,000 they also give a $1,000 credit towards other non lender fees. On top of all that they offer a discounted interest rates and order the appraisal day 1!

 Apply Here With Keller Williams Mortgage and The ZERO PLUS Program!

 How can KM offer a low rate and such discounts?

Unlike most loan companies who pay millions of dollars a year on advertising and brick-and-mortar, Keller Mortgage doesn't spend a dime. You will only hear about them through Keller Williams Agents. I am able to offer this product to you, specifically because of my partnership with Keller Williams. For the clients whom I list their home, I can also offer it to the buyers for your home - saving them thousands of dollars and giving them no reason to ask you for the seller paid closing cost.

We call that a WIN - WIN!


Apply Here With Keller Williams Mortgage and The ZERO PLUS Program!


*Certain officers, directors, and owners of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. have interest in Keller Mortgage. You are not required to use Keller Mortgage and we have relationships other local lenders to serve you. We will always encourage you to shop and compare lenders* Keller Mortgage NMLS ID:140234